Is white basmati rice refined?

Basmati rice
And is it better for you than normal white rice?

Basmati rice is a long-grained rice named after the tropical basmati blossom in Southeast Asia. Its aged for a year after harvest to fully develop its nutty flavour, and its grains elongate when cooked rather than fatten like most other rices.

Basmati rice comes in both brown and white versions just like normal rice, and yes, white basmati rice is refined. However, basmati rice is lower in overall starch and higher in a particular kind of starch called amylose than other rices, and consequently has a lower glycaemic index of around 58. Brown rice has a similar GI, while white rice is much higher, meaning it causes a greater spike in your blood sugar after you eat it. That can disrupt your blood sugar balance, erode energy levels and often contribute to weight gain (as unused glucose in the blood is stored as fat). For a tasty white rice , basmati is a good choice, though it’s still had much of it’s minerals and fibre removed. So ideally, brown basmati is the one to go for.

Article taken from “500 Health and Nutrition Questions Answered” by Patrick Holford

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