Question: I feel tired a lot of the time…

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Are there any natural energy boosters?

Are there any natural energy boosters?

Answer: There are two common reasons for tiredness, apart from a lack of sleep. The first is blood sugar problems. You can solve this by staying off sugar & stimulants, and eating ‘slow-release’ carbohydrates such as rye or oats as part of a balanced, wholefood diet. This means lots of fresh fruit & vegetables. Supplementing 200mcg of chromium, available at any health food shop, can also help.

The second reason is adrenal exhaustion, made worse by stimulants like caffeine and stress. If you supplement the amino acids tyrosine and/or phenylalanine (1 to 2 g a day), from which the body can make adrenal hormones, this can give you a natural energy boost and more capacity to deal with stress. Also excellent are ‘adaptogenic’ herbs which keep adrenal hormones on an even keel, and increase your energy. The best are ginseng, both Asian and Siberian, rhodiola, reishi and ashwaganda.

Taken from “500 Health and Nutrition Questions Answered” by Patrick Holford.

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