Why Change Is So Hard

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Ever wanted to change something in your life, and you knew it would make your life better, but you just could not get around to making those changes? You seem stuck, rooted in place & then get frustrated for wanting to move but not being able to do the necessary?

One of the biggest motivating forces is the need to avoid pain.  Change is scary & your subconscious mind wants to keep you safe, out of ‘harms’ way, so it will do everything to keep you in your comfort zone.

According to Brendon Burchard (and taken directly from his blog) he reasons that change is so hard because to make progress you have to deal effectively with these three things:

  1. Uncertainty. To change means wading into the unknown. That scares some people. But progress demands you let down your need for control and do something new. You have to say to yourself,  “I’m cool with the fact I’m not going to know what the heck is going on. I’m going for it anyway. I’m going to enter that dark cave. I don’t know if I’m going to be eaten alive. I don’t know if it’s going to turn out bad. But I’m going to go in. I’m going to trust and believe in my ability to figure things out. I don’t know how it’s going to go, but I know that I’m going to show up as the best of who I am.”
  2. Judgement. When you try to change, people will often ask, “Who do you think you are? Why can’t you just be happy?” They’ll judge your ideas: That’s a stupid idea. When it comes, don’t let their fears become your fears. Are you going to put your dreams on hold just because some person who doesn’t even know you or what your capabilities are, judged you once? No. Your job is to live that fullest expression of who you know you can be. Your job is to judge yourself as capable, deserving and ready. Your job is to judge the terrain ahead and get going. They’ll never stop judging you but that doesn’t mean you need to stop.
  3. Struggle. Change inevitably brings hardship and hard work. There’s no way around it: progress requires efforts outside our comfort zones. Don’t bemoan that struggle. Honour it as an opportunity for character development.

Sometimes, the fear of uncertainty, judgement or struggle is overwhelming. But what’s more important for you to value? Your fear, or your heart saying it’s time for a change? Your fear, or your mind saying, “I deserve better.” Listen to your strength more often and you’ll experience what we call #TheChargedLife.

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After all, its actually not the doing that’s the hard part…it’s the starting. Me starting this blog is the perfect example. I have had this idea in my head for some time, jotted down a gazillion perfect blog post topics, got them all organized for what days I speak about what…all good to go, but there was no GO. Procrastination set in. Distraction had me in it’s grips. I can compare it to the ‘deer in headlights’ scenario. Absolutely terrified of all the “what if’s.” Fear had me rooted in place.

Tony Robbins says that the biggest reason people are not achieving their goals is because of FEAR. He advises that instead of letting fear hold us back from achieving our highest goals, turning around & hiding from it, we must treat fear as a motivation not an excuse. Tony says “Look at your goal. If you let fear chase you away from achieving it, then you’ve effectively given in”

Rather than be scared going for our goal & possibly failing, be scared of not ever trying. Failure in life is inevitable & everyone we know has failed at something.  The quicker you realize your fear of failure is preventing you from making the decision to accomplish your dreams, the sooner you’ll be able to accept the possibility of failing and move on.

So what are you waiting for…..reach high for stars lie hidden in your soul, dream big for every dream precedes the goal.

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